Marcus Morris: Wait, Please let me explain.

So by now you’ve more than likely heard about Marcus Morris. Allow me to explain our actions: It’s the season opener and you’ve made some bold statements to the media and more than likely Friends and Family. Game Night, nowhere to hide. In fact it should be perfectly clear to everyone, something will be different […]

Stay Focused: Jay-Z Rock Nation and NFL

I Fanofa Knick, regretfully acknowledges the unfair truth, life does dish out hands to its players. To no doing of my own have I created the reality that I am indeed smarter than the smart ones that normally run the intuitions that run my daily living. Some receive their hand and wisely plays their cards […]

To be continued: Sabastian Telfair

With a heavy heart I read about another superior athlete’s fall from grace. The face of the new shamed artist is that of Sabastian Telfair. Mr. Telfair is the cousin of Knicks guard Stephon Marbury, which makes him one of us. When the spotlight is on it’s hot and our athlete’s run the basketball floor […]

The Lowest Common Denominator: Jeffrey Epstein, R. Kelly, Bill Cosby

Only a few can shoulder this heavy load, a 20/20 Crystal Clear view of the Big Picture. Everyday our trusted cheered and honored personalities fall to heinous and despicable revelations. The Jell-O Pudding Man’s, Mr. Hyde imitation was fiend that abused several women in their most vulnerable state, Admiration. An Illiterate musical genius that captivated […]

Jeff Bezos Yacht

Well it’s appears that those who have the means to upload their opinion, have once again, utilized that right. Jeff Bezos is unfortunately on the receiving end of their Communistic Cane. Wack! How dare you be rich Jeff?!? WACK!!!! How dare you turn an idea into a billion-dollar empire? Wack! How dare you enjoy or […]