Perfect Storm

Knicks Tom Thibodeau

Tommie Tommie, welcome back Bro. Have a seat, nice ring. Boston Celtics oh nice, how’s it working with Doc? Oh wow, I can only imagine. Enough of the small talk. What are you intentions with my Knicks? Are you gonna just have your fun and leave them like the rest of guys? Are you here whamm bang loser season man? Are you here for the fancy dining and media hoopla? Tommie did you come back because you love us or did you come to waste everyone’s time? Win you say? What does it mean to win Tommie? We forgot what that means it’s been so long. We looking for love Thomas. If there’s love, the wins will pour in. Tommie I’m here to help, no I don’t have a press pass that’s beyond the point. Remain in your seat and you won’t have worry about what’s behind my back. Where were we, yes Love, forgot about winning, concentrate on love. We had alot of coaches come in here and try to win. When Jeff almost got crushed holding on to Zo’s leg do you think it was out of a need to win? No it was love Tom. All Love. Hey guys, yes I know know I don’t belong here, that restraining order is a formality and possibly a suggestion if you really think about, it was for both sides to have an opportunity to cool down. How can I have a meaningful conversation with anyone from 100 yards? Exactly, everyone’s Speechless when the truth comes out. Tommie… Relax guys you gonna crush the flowers I got for Tom. Tom those are for you, it’s an anniversary gift, Welcome back.


Infatuated, Committed and Lovingly yours,

Fanofa Knick

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