Perfect Storm

Knicks Tom Thibodeau

Tommie Tommie, welcome back Bro. Have a seat, nice ring. Boston Celtics oh nice, how’s it working with Doc? Oh wow, I can only imagine. Enough of the small talk. What are you intentions with my Knicks? Are you gonna just have your fun and leave them like the rest of guys? Are you here whamm bang loser season man? Are you here for the fancy dining and media hoopla? Tommie did you come back because you love us or did you come to waste everyone’s time? Win you say? What does it mean to win Tommie? We forgot what that means it’s been so long. We looking for love Thomas. If there’s love, the wins will pour in. Tommie I’m here to help, no I don’t have a press pass that’s beyond the point. Remain in your seat and you won’t have worry about what’s behind my back. Where were we, yes Love, forgot about winning, concentrate on love. We had alot of coaches come in here and try to win. When Jeff almost got crushed holding on to Zo’s leg do you think it was out of a need to win? No it was love Tom. All Love. Hey guys, yes I know know I don’t belong here, that restraining order is a formality and possibly a suggestion if you really think about, it was for both sides to have an opportunity to cool down. How can I have a meaningful conversation with anyone from 100 yards? Exactly, everyone’s Speechless when the truth comes out. Tommie… Relax guys you gonna crush the flowers I got for Tom. Tom those are for you, it’s an anniversary gift, Welcome back.


Infatuated, Committed and Lovingly yours,

Fanofa Knick

Postionless Basketball: The New NBA Logo

Every Watching, Vigilantly, Judicially Yours,

Guilty!! Those responsible, are too far gone for reconciliation. Once Founders and Enthusiasts now completed sold out. Did they know? Could they have known the game they once loved, they would change it beyond recognition? Curry for three! This slippery slimy toad of man lands sideways with his mouth piece hanging out of his mouth simultaneously adding another grey hair to Oakley’s head.  Harding steps back and drains another jumper. James.. have you forgotten the days you dawned proudly the crown of sixth man? Has your heart turned so cold that your integrity has diminished along with your respect for the game? My Brother, you know that’s a travel. Steph you know that’s a bad shot. Lebron James is considered one of league’s top point guards?!? Postionless Basketball they say. Why don’t we change the logo while we’re at it? I have a suggestion: Reggie Miller in flop motion.

Positionless Basketball. The roles, the position have changed so rules of game have also changed which has changed the game. People we are no longer watching basketball. This is not basketball. If a cross country runner developed beast like arm strength with the intent to run their final mile with their arms fully stretched, would that be ok? If hockey player decides to forget about the puck and spend their time distracting the goalie would that be ok?  

My point is, along with the so call evolution of game and the emergence of Postionless Basketball has been the utter destruction of the New York Knicks. History Lesson, When the league refused to fine, suspend and remove Reggie Miller from the NBA for his blatant disregard for the game they opened the door for what we have today. Are you not entertained!!!!!!! Of course you are. All Star Weekend is a popularity contest and MVP now stands for Most Valuable Player. Well MVP always stood for that but it’s no longer true. How can you value a player when they have no position?

Every Watching, Vigilantly, Judicially Yours,

Fanofa Knick

Marcus Morris: Wait, Please let me explain.

Marcus Morris Knicks

So by now you’ve more than likely heard about Marcus Morris. Allow me to explain our actions:

It’s the season opener and you’ve made some bold statements to the media and more than likely Friends and Family. Game Night, nowhere to hide. In fact it should be perfectly clear to everyone, something will be different tonight. What’s missing is the smoking gun. Tonight will be a crime scene.

We could all feel it in the air. We ran the court. We shot and made 3s. We dished and We dunked. Excellent Half Guys, let’s keep that same energy. You look surprised…Oh yes that is the correct score. The New York Knickerbockers are up by 15 points.

Top of the key, 10 seconds into the 3 quarter, you may consider that great defense, but you’re are sadly mistaking. We have one choice and one choice only, it’s time to knock some sense into our competitor so there’s no miscommunication . Whamm! Take that punk.

To the naked eye Morris bashing the defender over the head with the ball at the beginning of the half with the Knicks up by 15 may seen unnecessary. It was not. In fact it was message to everyone in the league. The message is clear and well pronounced. “We the Knicks have had enough, we’ve been the laughingstock of the league for far too long, it’s time everyone felt our pain. That basketball to head was a warning shot.”

We hope everyone understands, be on your best behavior when in the garden, we have the shovels and time to bury the bodies.

Unapologetic , Aggressively, Maliciously Yours,

Fanofa Knick

Au contraire, mon frère

Please take my hand. There’s quicksand below and if you don’t act fast your reality will be lost. Far gone and bamboozled, we have been marketed to believe a lie. This lie, this ludicrous farce has a name. The name if I dare to, rather care to, is that of NBA Championship Team.  What’s in a name? Name’s tend to describe their owner. Can a NBA Team truly be a champion? Let’s think about this for second. Can a child receive credit for being born? Bear with me for a second, I’ll explain. We’ve stood by long enough watching our child do well in the world, but these spoiled brats never send a Christmas Card. Never call. Never say thank you! Since the birth of the NBA all so called NBA champs have ties to the New York Knickerbockers! Did you know that the first organized meeting (Commodore Hotel 1930) in regards to  professional basketball took place in New York City. New York is not called the Mecca of Basketball by chance my friend. Stand Tall Knick Fan, you have given birth to all that calls itself NBA Champ! A Team is not a Team without all it’s players/office intact true or false? True! The New York Knicks have hand a hand in every NBA championship team! Former Players, Current Players, Former GM’s, Current GM’s, Coaches, Trainers the list goes on and on. The legacy is so rich, I’m getting a sugar rush writing this. Stand tall, Stand Knick Fan, you have so much more to be proud of than you know. Know your History! Please see above a Picture says thousand words.

Absorbed, Disillusioned, Fanatically Yours,

Fanofa Knick

Stay Focused: Jay-Z Rock Nation and NFL

I Fanofa Knick, regretfully acknowledges the unfair truth, life does dish out hands to its players. To no doing of my own have I created the reality that I am indeed smarter than the smart ones that normally run the intuitions that run my daily living. Some receive their hand and wisely plays their cards with elegance and glamor. While some sit at the table in awe: “Go Fish”, “Uno Out” “Bust” etcetera, etcetera some continue to lose and winners keep winning. Why? Because smart is not the gas that runs the vehicle of life. Ambition is. Productivity is. Effort is. Experience is. Intelligence is not. Imagination is not. We look for Tyrants to give us fairness and the Greedy to give? Because, we think it’s the right thing to do? Rocky Balboa got to the top of the stairs by running, not by planning, measuring or being the smartest. Mr. Sean Carter has possibly acquired over a billion dollars in assets. I’m sure he prides himself on never being the smartest person in the room. When you are the smartest person in the room, that’s no room for progress. Pardon the pun. If you’ve read this far I need you to understand one thing. Our main goal as a Knicks’ Fan to acquire that Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. Should it matter that soon H to the OVA will do what no black man has done before: Become majority owner of  a NFL team. Stay Focused!!! We have a young core of players that can do some damage this season. Until Jay-Z does something for the New York Knickerbockers we can care less.

Disgruntled, Evasively, Demandingly Yours,

Fanofa Knick

To be continued: Sabastian Telfair

Sabastian Telfair  Fanofa Knick
To be Continued

With a heavy heart I read about another superior athlete’s fall from grace. The face of the new shamed artist is that of Sabastian Telfair. Mr. Telfair is the cousin of Knicks guard Stephon Marbury, which makes him one of us. When the spotlight is on it’s hot and our athlete’s run the basketball floor in supreme fashion, at times in a total disconnect from their audience like fish in a bowl. We demand stardom, we demand perfection and we…we just detach the human from these athletes that at times play a game, a sport with superhuman abilities. They play the sport so well that we’re willing to pay them to play it. Jackpot!!!! To get paid to play, is a jackpot! Or is it? Unfortunately, Mr. Telfair ‘s actions off the court have caused him remain off the court. Regardless, I have a feeling that there is some resentment that no one is willing to speak about. Do we secretly hate the stars that we claim to love? Does everyone realize they’re performing for us? If we don’t pay they won’t play and if they don’t play they don’t live? They breathe in their art and breathe out their performance. Does everyone understand what’s going on here? To remove a star from the sky is to destroy the natural order of nature. That thought however empowering it may be to some, is all about impossible. You cannot remove a star from the sky, you can only close your eyes or turn away, regardless the star will shine. Bashie, hold your head, stay strong, you’re a star you must shine.

Patiently, Saddened, Optimistically yours,

Fanofa Knick

The Lowest Common Denominator: Jeffrey Epstein, R. Kelly, Bill Cosby

Only a few can shoulder this heavy load, a 20/20 Crystal Clear view of the Big Picture. Everyday our trusted cheered and honored personalities fall to heinous and despicable revelations. The Jell-O Pudding Man’s, Mr. Hyde imitation was fiend that abused several women in their most vulnerable state, Admiration. An Illiterate musical genius that captivated his audience with his melodic melodies also has appeared to keep captive desperate minors and destroy families for life. A Bright Guy, with an astonishing past, brighter future with a golden knack for investing. Apparently invested years of his life running a sophisticated sex trafficking ring. Why you ask, Why? Why them? The answer grasshopper is in what’s missing not what’s there. What’s missing you ask? Good Question. The Answer is a winning New York Knicks Team. Yes. The average eye cannot see the dangers that the Loser Knicks have on today’s society. When the Knicks are winning the city is alive, People wake up happy and go to bed happier. There’s no time for the negative, only time for the next game, the next win, the new victory. As we pump our fist in the air like we don’t care, because frankly we don’t. We’re winners. At this point you’re probably researching a Physician to recommend me to. But don’t waste your time. Here’s a few fun facts: The Jello Pudding Man was a standout athlete in multiple sports and college basketball player. An Illiterate musical genius signed a contract to play professional basketball. A Bright Guy, with an astonishing past, brighter future was born in New York City. Do the math people. Each year the fabric of our society degenerates alone with our chances to win a championship. If you truly want to change what’s wrong with us, it’s begins with putting the proper pieces together in the shape of a championship Knicks Team. Regardless of the cost. Now you have the truth, there are no more excuses.

Ignorantly, Insanely, Incapably Yours,

Fanofa Knick

Jeff Bezos Yacht

Jeff Bezos Yacht

Well it’s appears that those who have the means to upload their opinion, have once again, utilized that right. Jeff Bezos is unfortunately on the receiving end of their Communistic Cane. Wack! How dare you be rich Jeff?!? WACK!!!! How dare you turn an idea into a billion-dollar empire? Wack! How dare you enjoy or use your money to make more money Jeff!!!? Rather than painting Mr. Miyagi’s fence patiently waiting for our black-eye to heal, society continues to villainize those that can do and don’t have time to teach. They don’t have to reach out to us, because what would their rich friends think, honestly? They have a reputation to uphold. Paint the fence my brothers and sisters, wax on and off and maybe someday will make America Great, Again? Mr. Jeff Bezos, what I’m trying to say is, would you be kind enough to invite myself and the New York Knickerbocker’s front office on your new 400 million yacht? While we enjoy, I’m pretty sure you will explain how this yacht is the future of luxury resorts. Luxury has taken to the sails, it needs to be free from Taxes and Electric Bills, and rules and the media and people who can’t afford it. I will of course reply “I understand Jeffy”. At this point, I will begin to discuss the assistant coaching position that has just opened up. Jeff we need your talents at the Garden. We are going to take basketball to the next level. Introducing, the first artificial intelligence coaching robot. We will merge your billion dollar IQ with Basketball. Right next to Coach Fizdale will be an Android Robot analyzing the game and player’s movements, picking the most appropriate plays to counter our opponents. You’ll have all the nba owners banging on your door for this new technology. Jeff. We haven’t won in a very long time. Mr. Bezos with all due respect, if you can make a billion dollars selling other peoples merchandise to other people…dude, you can figure out how to help us win an NBA championship! Come on Jeff, not to take anything for LeBron and Kobe, but they’ve never stepped foot in a college classroom and they figured it out 8 times. Dude… don’t walk away from me. Ok this is not going the way we planned. Let‘s stop for a second, everyone calm down. Ok, you good? I’m good too. You guys good? Hey buddy, I get it, how can a person truly understand you, until they are willing to sit behind door desk? Help us win a championship and Lawrence will sell his shares of the company and buy you another Yacht.

Desperately, Tactically and Practically yours,

Fanofa Knick