The Lowest Common Denominator: Jeffrey Epstein, R. Kelly, Bill Cosby

Only a few can shoulder this heavy load, a 20/20 Crystal Clear view of the Big Picture. Everyday our trusted cheered and honored personalities fall to heinous and despicable revelations. The Jell-O Pudding Man’s, Mr. Hyde imitation was fiend that abused several women in their most vulnerable state, Admiration. An Illiterate musical genius that captivated his audience with his melodic melodies also has appeared to keep captive desperate minors and destroy families for life. A Bright Guy, with an astonishing past, brighter future with a golden knack for investing. Apparently invested years of his life running a sophisticated sex trafficking ring. Why you ask, Why? Why them? The answer grasshopper is in what’s missing not what’s there. What’s missing you ask? Good Question. The Answer is a winning New York Knicks Team. Yes. The average eye cannot see the dangers that the Loser Knicks have on today’s society. When the Knicks are winning the city is alive, People wake up happy and go to bed happier. There’s no time for the negative, only time for the next game, the next win, the new victory. As we pump our fist in the air like we don’t care, because frankly we don’t. We’re winners. At this point you’re probably researching a Physician to recommend me to. But don’t waste your time. Here’s a few fun facts: The Jello Pudding Man was a standout athlete in multiple sports and college basketball player. An Illiterate musical genius signed a contract to play professional basketball. A Bright Guy, with an astonishing past, brighter future was born in New York City. Do the math people. Each year the fabric of our society degenerates alone with our chances to win a championship. If you truly want to change what’s wrong with us, it’s begins with putting the proper pieces together in the shape of a championship Knicks Team. Regardless of the cost. Now you have the truth, there are no more excuses.

Ignorantly, Insanely, Incapably Yours,

Fanofa Knick

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