Marcus Morris: Wait, Please let me explain.

Marcus Morris Knicks

So by now you’ve more than likely heard about Marcus Morris. Allow me to explain our actions:

It’s the season opener and you’ve made some bold statements to the media and more than likely Friends and Family. Game Night, nowhere to hide. In fact it should be perfectly clear to everyone, something will be different tonight. What’s missing is the smoking gun. Tonight will be a crime scene.

We could all feel it in the air. We ran the court. We shot and made 3s. We dished and We dunked. Excellent Half Guys, let’s keep that same energy. You look surprised…Oh yes that is the correct score. The New York Knickerbockers are up by 15 points.

Top of the key, 10 seconds into the 3 quarter, you may consider that great defense, but you’re are sadly mistaking. We have one choice and one choice only, it’s time to knock some sense into our competitor so there’s no miscommunication . Whamm! Take that punk.

To the naked eye Morris bashing the defender over the head with the ball at the beginning of the half with the Knicks up by 15 may seen unnecessary. It was not. In fact it was message to everyone in the league. The message is clear and well pronounced. “We the Knicks have had enough, we’ve been the laughingstock of the league for far too long, it’s time everyone felt our pain. That basketball to head was a warning shot.”

We hope everyone understands, be on your best behavior when in the garden, we have the shovels and time to bury the bodies.

Unapologetic , Aggressively, Maliciously Yours,

Fanofa Knick

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