Jeff Bezos Yacht

Jeff Bezos Yacht

Well it’s appears that those who have the means to upload their opinion, have once again, utilized that right. Jeff Bezos is unfortunately on the receiving end of their Communistic Cane. Wack! How dare you be rich Jeff?!? WACK!!!! How dare you turn an idea into a billion-dollar empire? Wack! How dare you enjoy or use your money to make more money Jeff!!!? Rather than painting Mr. Miyagi’s fence patiently waiting for our black-eye to heal, society continues to villainize those that can do and don’t have time to teach. They don’t have to reach out to us, because what would their rich friends think, honestly? They have a reputation to uphold. Paint the fence my brothers and sisters, wax on and off and maybe someday will make America Great, Again? Mr. Jeff Bezos, what I’m trying to say is, would you be kind enough to invite myself and the New York Knickerbocker’s front office on your new 400 million yacht? While we enjoy, I’m pretty sure you will explain how this yacht is the future of luxury resorts. Luxury has taken to the sails, it needs to be free from Taxes and Electric Bills, and rules and the media and people who can’t afford it. I will of course reply “I understand Jeffy”. At this point, I will begin to discuss the assistant coaching position that has just opened up. Jeff we need your talents at the Garden. We are going to take basketball to the next level. Introducing, the first artificial intelligence coaching robot. We will merge your billion dollar IQ with Basketball. Right next to Coach Fizdale will be an Android Robot analyzing the game and player’s movements, picking the most appropriate plays to counter our opponents. You’ll have all the nba owners banging on your door for this new technology. Jeff. We haven’t won in a very long time. Mr. Bezos with all due respect, if you can make a billion dollars selling other peoples merchandise to other people…dude, you can figure out how to help us win an NBA championship! Come on Jeff, not to take anything for LeBron and Kobe, but they’ve never stepped foot in a college classroom and they figured it out 8 times. Dude… don’t walk away from me. Ok this is not going the way we planned. Let‘s stop for a second, everyone calm down. Ok, you good? I’m good too. You guys good? Hey buddy, I get it, how can a person truly understand you, until they are willing to sit behind door desk? Help us win a championship and Lawrence will sell his shares of the company and buy you another Yacht.

Desperately, Tactically and Practically yours,

Fanofa Knick

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