To be continued: Sabastian Telfair

Sabastian Telfair  Fanofa Knick
To be Continued

With a heavy heart I read about another superior athlete’s fall from grace. The face of the new shamed artist is that of Sabastian Telfair. Mr. Telfair is the cousin of Knicks guard Stephon Marbury, which makes him one of us. When the spotlight is on it’s hot and our athlete’s run the basketball floor in supreme fashion, at times in a total disconnect from their audience like fish in a bowl. We demand stardom, we demand perfection and we…we just detach the human from these athletes that at times play a game, a sport with superhuman abilities. They play the sport so well that we’re willing to pay them to play it. Jackpot!!!! To get paid to play, is a jackpot! Or is it? Unfortunately, Mr. Telfair ‘s actions off the court have caused him remain off the court. Regardless, I have a feeling that there is some resentment that no one is willing to speak about. Do we secretly hate the stars that we claim to love? Does everyone realize they’re performing for us? If we don’t pay they won’t play and if they don’t play they don’t live? They breathe in their art and breathe out their performance. Does everyone understand what’s going on here? To remove a star from the sky is to destroy the natural order of nature. That thought however empowering it may be to some, is all about impossible. You cannot remove a star from the sky, you can only close your eyes or turn away, regardless the star will shine. Bashie, hold your head, stay strong, you’re a star you must shine.

Patiently, Saddened, Optimistically yours,

Fanofa Knick

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