Au contraire, mon frère

Please take my hand. There’s quicksand below and if you don’t act fast your reality will be lost. Far gone and bamboozled, we have been marketed to believe a lie. This lie, this ludicrous farce has a name. The name if I dare to, rather care to, is that of NBA Championship Team.  What’s in a name? Name’s tend to describe their owner. Can a NBA Team truly be a champion? Let’s think about this for second. Can a child receive credit for being born? Bear with me for a second, I’ll explain. We’ve stood by long enough watching our child do well in the world, but these spoiled brats never send a Christmas Card. Never call. Never say thank you! Since the birth of the NBA all so called NBA champs have ties to the New York Knickerbockers! Did you know that the first organized meeting (Commodore Hotel 1930) in regards to  professional basketball took place in New York City. New York is not called the Mecca of Basketball by chance my friend. Stand Tall Knick Fan, you have given birth to all that calls itself NBA Champ! A Team is not a Team without all it’s players/office intact true or false? True! The New York Knicks have hand a hand in every NBA championship team! Former Players, Current Players, Former GM’s, Current GM’s, Coaches, Trainers the list goes on and on. The legacy is so rich, I’m getting a sugar rush writing this. Stand tall, Stand Knick Fan, you have so much more to be proud of than you know. Know your History! Please see above a Picture says thousand words.

Absorbed, Disillusioned, Fanatically Yours,

Fanofa Knick

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