Postionless Basketball: The New NBA Logo

Every Watching, Vigilantly, Judicially Yours,

Guilty!! Those responsible, are too far gone for reconciliation. Once Founders and Enthusiasts now completed sold out. Did they know? Could they have known the game they once loved, they would change it beyond recognition? Curry for three! This slippery slimy toad of man lands sideways with his mouth piece hanging out of his mouth simultaneously adding another grey hair to Oakley’s head.  Harding steps back and drains another jumper. James.. have you forgotten the days you dawned proudly the crown of sixth man? Has your heart turned so cold that your integrity has diminished along with your respect for the game? My Brother, you know that’s a travel. Steph you know that’s a bad shot. Lebron James is considered one of league’s top point guards?!? Postionless Basketball they say. Why don’t we change the logo while we’re at it? I have a suggestion: Reggie Miller in flop motion.

Positionless Basketball. The roles, the position have changed so rules of game have also changed which has changed the game. People we are no longer watching basketball. This is not basketball. If a cross country runner developed beast like arm strength with the intent to run their final mile with their arms fully stretched, would that be ok? If hockey player decides to forget about the puck and spend their time distracting the goalie would that be ok?  

My point is, along with the so call evolution of game and the emergence of Postionless Basketball has been the utter destruction of the New York Knicks. History Lesson, When the league refused to fine, suspend and remove Reggie Miller from the NBA for his blatant disregard for the game they opened the door for what we have today. Are you not entertained!!!!!!! Of course you are. All Star Weekend is a popularity contest and MVP now stands for Most Valuable Player. Well MVP always stood for that but it’s no longer true. How can you value a player when they have no position?

Every Watching, Vigilantly, Judicially Yours,

Fanofa Knick

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